For me the spaces that are the most memorable are the ones that have a vital sense of community. There are thousands of nude beaches out in the world but there are only a few that have enough gay men that come there to make the place really exciting. The possibility of meeting someone that you like, of romance or the possibility of sex is important. When a gay space has enough momentum there’s a sense that there’s someone for everyone. You just might meet someone that you are interested in. Love is in the air, as they say. I even find that too big of a crowd can make the space feel too frantically reminiscent of a meat market. Some spaces have a very special vibe, as if decades of interactions have left a residue in the landscape and a culture of how people behave in these spaces. Some are very sweet, such as rooster rock in oregon and Rock River in Vermont. Both of these carry the woodsy down-key vibe of their respective states. Herring cove in Provincetown carries the new england dandies with their rainbow colored umbrellas and with occasional muscular flash of the show off nature of the new York or European men. There is a chance to observe others dancing with their little bluetooth speakers in the sand or having a wind vs sunhat antic, or two men embracing each other in the shallow water. There is a grand stage and backdrop for you, but there are equally scintillating characters to act on that stage. “With gay men, you never know what is going to happen” .

“With gay men, you never know what is going to happen” .

Gino Castano

Artist lurking at the wall

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