Pozar Baths is one of the best in Greece. It’s nestled in an epically gorgeous Pass in the Pindar Mountains, where a teal blue stream comes through the valley. Hot springs are piped into large soaking pools built into the side of the creek where you can sit under a steamy waterfall and allow the falling water to massage your back, or hop over the ledge into the cold creek to chill out in the cool waterfall.

This hot spring is a large developed property. It has a small hotel with 12 rooms. A lovely full restaurant with local Greek favorites and a snackbar.

There are two creekside pools, and a very large olympic-sized pools with with a shallow end and deep end all filled with warm water.

There is only a 2 Euro fee for lockers in the outdoor pool. Incredible! The outdoor pools are open 8am – 9pm.

There is also a very popular facility that you can rent private baths for about 12 Euro/ hr.

Variety of Temperatures: Excellent – Fairly Warm (up to 37o C /98oF) A Medium Temp Pool that’s great or long term soaking – you can fall asleep in it, Cold – EXCELLENT – Cold mountain stream right next to the warm poll for contrast baths)

Cost: Excellent 2 Euro or 12 Euro for private bath

Clothing Optional: Medium – only available in private bathing or potentially in the cold rapids up the creek.

Social Activity: Good – A nice chance to see and be seen. Several children having fun in the main pool. People of all ages. Families. Couples. Single people. LGBT. Everyone is represented. There are spaces for quiet reflection in the stream-side pools. The waterfalls soften the sound of private conversations. Not the best place to be if you want to be alone.

Peacefulness: Great. The sound of waterfall and the delicious natural scenery are wonderful calming.

Privacy: Good – Available for the more expensive private bath, but the bath occurs inside walls and away from the creek. Many people in the public outdoor baths.

Extra Activities: Excellent. There is a full restuarant with great fireplaces and a snackbar/ coffee shop. There are spa and massage services available and a wonderful street market at the bottom of the resort with great Greek characters selling some best products of the farm region. They might even share a few shots of Retsina with you. Greek mountain tea, preserved fruits, herbals, fresh produce and beauty products. You can even buy snail slime face cream! A must.

Regional Exploration: THE BEST. The area south of the hot springs in Western Greek Macedonia has some of the highest density of ancient ruins per mile on the road. Beautiful scenery and history. Also visit Edessa, ancient Pella

Car Accessibility: EXCELLENT – Easy drive up good paved roads and easy parking.

Camping: No organized official campground but people are known to stealth camp up the creek.

Accomodations: Good – Affordable rooms on site and a village full of quaint hotels in the area.


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